The managing partner and head of capital markets of New York City-based Laidlaw & Company, James Ahern has served in that position since 2010. During this time he has helped grow the business of the health care investment bank to include new locations in London, Boston, and San Francisco. With previous experience at Casimir Capital as a vice president and at Aegis Capital as a managing partner, James Ahern joined Laidlaw & Company as a health care investment banker, working with both public and private organizations throughout the industry.

In addition to his work at Laidlaw & Company, Mr. Ahern supports a number of charities in Massachusetts. He sits on the board of overseers for the Massachusetts Bay chapter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation and serves as a co-chair of the organization’s golf classic. He is also the chair of the Northfield Mount Hermon Basketball Alumni Council for Excellence. Outside of his professional and charitable work, he enjoys taking boat trips to Nantucket and across Cape Cod.